I believe that every person has a divine purpose and an innate connection to spiritual wisdom. With support, I know that we can find our way back to this truth. I facilitate mind, body and spirit integration in both visionary and practical ways. I channel spirit guides to help people gain perspective and clarity, and I use flower essences and herbs to create a concrete plan to facilitate the healing journey.

My skills as a healer and channel are shamanic inheritances from my Lakota lineage. Since my first days as an infant I have had direct and conscious contact with the spirit world. It is because of my journey with my own Guides that I wish to share this gift with others.    

I am a flower essence practitioner and I have studied with the co-founders, Patricia Kaminski and Richard Katz, of the Flower Essence Society. I have also studied and worked with Jane Bell, co-founder of Alaskan Flower Essences.

I am also an clinical herbalist and I have studied herbal medicine at the California School of Herbal Studies.

I have a private practice in Portland, Oregon, where I also teach classes and workshops.