Appointments can occur in-person or by phone, and typically involve a combination of the following:

               Photo By JenStar

               Photo By JenStar

Intuitive Reading

I offer myself as a channel for spirit to those who seek a deeper understanding of themselves, and who desire to develop trust in their own wisdom and connection to spirit. People seek consultation with their guides for a many reasons, such as for help in decision-making; questions of life purpose; cultivation of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health; healing issues of lack; and deeper understanding of love and relationships.

Flower Essence Consultation

Flower essences are a subtle, yet profound, energetic medicine that helps to support the deep transformational work of personal growth. I use the essences to address the spiritual and emotional realms, which then vibrate outwards to affect the physical and mental realms. Flower essences are not contraindicated for any medical condition or drug, and are safe to use with infants, children, adults, elders, and pets.