Liquid Sunshine

1 oz. oral drops, $15
2 oz. spray, $20
4 oz. spray, $25
Ingredients (drops): orange blossom water, brandy, proprietary essence blend; sprays also include essential oils and are intended for external use only

Better than full spectrum bulbs, Liquid Sunshine is an infusion of light! This special blend of flower and gem essences helps us to better utilize our internal stores of light during the darker months so that we do not completely fold in on ourselves. The formula is specially designed to uplift, inspire, and shine. Use this formula for:

- Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) 
- Balancing mood swings
- Igniting Inspiration 
- Uplifting
- Clearing mental dark clouds
- Nightmares or disturbed sleep

Love and Manifest in the City of Roses

1 oz. oral drops, $15
Ingredients (drops): rose water, brandy, proprietary essence blend; sprays also include essential oils and are intended for external use only

Created in Portland, Oregon using five different local flowers from the Rose Family, Love and Manifest helps us to negotiate the tender balance between the spiritual and the mundane. This formula helps us to take hold of our greater visions and root them into the everyday world. Use this formula if you want to:

- Manifest your dreams
- Open your heart to love and LOVE
- Embrace your innocence and your right to BE HERE, JUST AS YOU ARE
- Attain greater equilibrium between your chakras
- Cultivate deep trust as you embark into the unknown

Sacred Space

4 oz. spray, $25
Ingredients (spray): proprietary essence blend, Volcan Concepcion environmental essence, african wild sage and lavender essential oils; intended for external use only

This powerful formula lifts blocked stagnant energies and revitalizes spaces and bodies. Sacred Space can be used in homes, offices, hospitals, or any place that could use a good purifying cleanse. These essences help us to recognize old habits and unhealthy patterns within ourselves so that we can release them and open to renewal. Use this formula before bed to clear the energy so that you don’t take it with you into dreamtime or use it after a difficult conversation to purify the space and clear intention. Sacred Space spray is no light-weight. I have used Volcan Concepcion and African Wild Sage in this formula to be a catalyst for serious transformation. Spray your body; spray your space.

Volcan Concepcion - Made in Ometepe, Nicaragua (Limited Edition)

1 oz. oral drops, $15

The essence of Volcan Concepcion puts us in touch with our natural strength and courage. It is simultaneously a yang, expansive, energy as seen in the eruptive forces of heat and yin, internal, energy grounding us in the nourishing coolness of the earth. This essence, therefore, helps us connect to our deep yang fire (creative forces, passion, and originating energy or jing) and ground through our strong, consistent yin body. It can help those who are needing to harness their deep health to strengthen their immune systems. It can also help those who are ready and willing to transform the suffering arduousness of life challenges into an experience of reawakening the fierce strength within.

Ordering Info:

All formulas may be purchased by credit card, check or cash. To purchase by credit card please contact me with your credit information. To purchase by check or cash, simply email me with your order and send payment. If you do not live in Portland I will be happy to mail your order to you, but there is a small, additional shipping and handling fee. All orders are sent once full payment has been received. Thank you!