"This one is for happiness."

This past spring, I met a young Oglala girl named Raeanne while visiting a family burial site at Wounded Knee in Oglala Lakota County. She called me “Flower Talker” and took me by the hand to a nearby patch of Beardtongue Penstemon. We sat and watched a fat bumblebee fit its body into the throat of the flower and we laughed and laughed. She told me, “This flower is for happiness.” That encounter began a journey across my paternal homelands spanning the distance from Pine Ridge Reservation through the grassland prairies of the Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation, where my family currently resides, up to Standing Rock Sioux Reservation and then into the sacred Black Hills. Listening to the flowers, the minerals, the ghost winds of my Lakota relatives, and the land energies I made 18 different flower and land essences. In this class, I will share some of their stories and relay the messages of what these plants have come to teach us in this age of awakening.

Source: thisoneforhappiness