2018 Mentorship

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Under the Eagle’s Wing: A Mentorship for Emergent Healers

Dates: TBA

This nine-month program is specifically designed to support and nurture the emergent healer in their own field of interest. Participants may be at the beginning their emergence while others may already be working as healers in the community. All levels of awareness and proficiency will be considered. The mentorship program includes a day-long class once per month, weekly online support, twice a month evening gatherings, and two one-on-one mentoring sessions. This program is largely curated by each participant’s own interest.

Additionally, the following topics will be covered:


  • cultivating practices of balance and wellbeing
  • learning to hear and trust your own intuition
  • nurturing gratitude
  • cultivating a language of self-empowerment
  • working towards self-awareness

Energetic Boundaries

  • creating strong energetic boundaries with others
  • learning and practicing energetic purification and protection
  • creating and maintaining sacred spaces

The Business of Healing

  • managing healer/ client relationships
  • articulating your offerings
  • calling in aligned relationships (clients, business partners, landlords, etc.)
  • creating a healthy relationship with money

Intuitive Practices

  • honoring your own unique gifts
  • learning to hear your own spiritual guides
  • working with plant spirits and gemstones
  • learning and practicing ritual, ceremony, and initiations

Monthly Classes
Once a month participants will gather to learn and practice in a group setting. Each class will include meditation, movement, ritual, storytelling, discussion, and hands on work. Class are designed to build community, ask questions, learn new skills, hone innate gifts, and practice the art of healing.

Weekly Online Component
Each week participants will be prompted with a meditation, homework activity, or writing to further their own personal inquiry and self-reflection. The online forum will be a place for participants to communicate their experiences, share best practices, and build community networks with each other. Questions that arise during the online discussions will be addressed at the monthly class.

One-on-one Mentorship Sessions
Twice during the nine month mentorship, participants will meet for a personal session. These sessions are intended to clarify goals, set intentions, and support the emergence process. Each session will be tailored per person but may include an energy reading, spirit guide reading, energy tune-up, or flower essence formula. The first session will occur sometime in the first three months of the program and the second session will occur in the last three months of the program. Session appointments may be made in person or over the phone.

Twice a month Evening Gatherings
These evening gatherings are times for participants to share their gifts of healing with each other. Each participant will sign up for an evening to lead a meditation or some other form of intentional healing work. Examples include: singing bowls with acupuncture, TAT, Mayan Abdominal Massage, Ayurvedic principals, and reiki. 

Sign Up
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