Burned Out? Try This!

Making medicine to help heal burnout is a joyful journey into the soul of your inner child. Playfulness and imagination are the only requirements.

If you are so pooped that you cannot fathom mustering up the energy to engage with any form of whimsy, then enlist a beloved to be your medicine maker.

You will need:

  • A clear glass bowl 

  • A basket or bag for collecting flowers and leaves.

  • Water.

What to do:

  1. With your basket in hand, close your eyes and take a deep breath starting with a big sigh of exhalation and then letting your lungs fill with air. 

  2. Make a statement of intention in your head. “I, Shayne Case, am asking that the medicine of the plants assist me in the healing of my energy body.” 

  3. Walk in your neighborhood or out in the wild asking for the plants that want to help you heal make themselves known to you. It might be a waving, bouncing leaf or a vibrant patch of color that catches your attention.

  4. Assess the situation. Is this your neighbor’s prize rosebush asking you to pick the last remaining bloom? If so, best to ask your neighbor first. If it’s a wild, abundant, healthy patch of flower goodness, then ask the plant for permission to pick. Ask how many flowers or leaves to pick. You CANNOT get this wrong. Trust the inner child who is a master at alchemy. After you pick, don’t forget to give your thanks.

  5. Move along your medicine path in this fashion until your basket is full of an assortment of petals and leaves.

  6. Fill your container with water and pour in your plant material. Let the sun (or the clouds and rain) do the work. You decide how long. An hour? Overnight? It’s your choice.

  7. Now, take a leaf or branch of flowers and fling this medicine water all over your body in a rapture of healing glee. Don’t hold back. Let the confetti of plant medicine adorn you and do its magic of deeply healing the genesis of your burnout.  

  8. Rest and repeat.