The medicine of our time lives within the unique soul of the individual who is called to service; not in the traditions, techniques, or the institutions of higher learning.

Shayne Case is a mother, healer, writer, medicine maker, and an enrolled member of the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe. 

Born of the forests in southwestern Germany and hand-fed by the prairie ghosts of her Lakota ancestry, Shayne derives her inspiration from these two disparate landscapes. She uses her innate gift of communicating with the spirits to help guide others towards deeper understanding, growth, and healing. 

In her private practice, as well as in her workshops, Shayne primarily, though not exclusively, works with medical practitioners, therapists, and other healers to support their evolving processes and to help them identify their own indigeneity and wisdom traditions. 

Shayne is the founder of the TOKEYAMANIWIN project and Under the Eagle’s Wing Mentorship Program.