Shayne Case and McMahon's most recent conversation

Alexis Pauline Gumbs writes, [Sylvia] Wynter says we are not Homo sapiens, we are Homo narans, not the ones who know, but the ones who tell ourselves that we know… therefore we have the capacity to know differently. We are word made flesh. But we make words. So we can make ourselves anew. (Dub, p. xi)

Join Shayne Case and McMahon as they continue their most recent conversation for a 4-class series to explore the stories woven into our being that both consciously and unconsciously structure our perception of ourselves and the worlds we inhabit. 

This is a course dedicated to the emergent aliveness of storytelling, not a writing class for writers but a class for the story-bearer, teller and hearer in all of us. A time to make and remake the stories we tell and how we tell them. And of course, we will have fun writing and telling our stories! 

Each of the four course meetings will be focused on a specific aspect of the seasonal turn from fall to winter, preparing the seeds for wintering.