Shayne Case's Under the Eagle's Wing Mentorship Program offered me quite a unique and nurturing opportunity to explore and cultivate my spiritual inner voice. I thoroughly loved working with the flowers and healing stones, aligning with their energies and learning how to make medicines with them. Though I’m normally very shy, our hoop of participants became like a family over the year we were together. The sacred time in nature with Shayne and these sweet people was a healing balm for my heart. I know the trajectory of energetic connection in Eagle School will continue to inform and guide my life forever.  - Carrie B., LAc

I entered Under the Eagle’s Wing in a deep place of grief and the loneliness that accompanies it. Through being in the community of Eagle’s Wing, surrounded by others on a journey to unfurl themselves, I was able to be witnessed in my grief in a way that our greater culture does not allow for, and it was nourishing beyond measure. Through this process I learned that my story and the stories of others are spirit medicine. In addition to community, the mentorship itself provided me with a collection of gifts: flower and gem essences, a new love of stone medicine, and a profound relationship to earth and spirit. This mentorship has opened ways of seeing within myself that I know continue to unfold today, leading to new opportunities and ways to engage in my practice. I am forever grateful to Shayne and the other Eaglets I was able to share this journey with.  Ashley B., ND

Shayne’s 1:1 healing work is elemental and transformative. This is a renewal and a baptism; the power of the ocean gently sloughing away the false self and cultural conditioning until one’s essence remains, pure, bright, and lit.  Alison S., LAc.

The Under the Eagle's Wing Mentorship Program is a reclamation: of autonomy, of community, of magic and ritual.  Ceremony, flower and gem elixirs, and plant spirit medicine in wild landscapes guide a non–linear teaching format that is unlike anything of its kind happening today. Shayne does not teach but illuminates:  supporting each individual’s healing work as a resource and gift for the world.  Mentorship awakens the wisdom of the natural world, of one’s indigenous ancestors, and is its own rebellion: a resistance through beauty, love, and joy.  Through making meaning within a world that would have us abandon hope.  Through igniting and celebrating one’s unique gifts.  Through accessing and catalyzing emotions to move and alchemize.  These are the teachings of intuition, of body as knowing, of the raw vulnerability of living in human truth within a web of belonging.  - Alie S., LAc.