HOOP Flower Essence 1oz

The Hoop for belonging
Flower + stone + land essence of waȟpé swúla, waȟpé tȟó, Mato Pahá in a base of pure water and brandy

Waȟpé swúla (yellow sweet clover). The spring after the uprising at Standing Rock, waȟpé swúla grew in vibrant green and yellow blankets throughout the prairie. I made this medicine at the Oceti Sakowin Camp to help us remember the necessity of community.

Waȟpé tȟó (harebell).  Waȟpé tȟó flower essence was made by my friend, Souther Salazar, on the north facing ridge of Mato Pahá, Bear Butte, one of the most sacred ceremonial sites of the Lakota and other indigenous nations. Waȟpé tȟó flower essence is here to help us to deeply listen to our own ancestral blood for the story of belonging and healing traditions.

Mato Pahá (Bear Butte) is a land and stone essence. Made from red jasper on the top of Mato Pahá, this essence was created during a rites of passage ceremony. Many indigenous children dressed in their nation’s regalia sang and passed the chanupa (sacred pipe) over the bowl. Mato Pahá essence helps us connect with our own indigenous belonging through the sweet innocence of our humanity. It helps us feel safe enough to reach towards a lived experience of connection and belonging.

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