Energetic Boundaries and Our New World

As some parts of the world are slowly, tentatively opening up you may find yourself in that in-between space where you’re digging your heels in screaming, “Nooooo! I’m not ready!” and at the same time filling up your social dance card. It is a lot for your nervous system to process the intensity of what you just lived through, and the mysterious “what next” of the future. 

Listening to hundreds of stories over the past year, one thing has been made clear to me: integration takes time. Go slow! Remember that you are also a bundle of tiny sensing nerves highly tuned to take in every single detail in an effort to keep you safe. After months in quarantine, you got a little break from the in-person information deluges that can happen in a day. Entering back into the world, your sensing organs will need to adjust to this uptick of processing. It is normal to feel overwhelmed, tired, foggy, and generally out of sorts during this adjustment period. 

Here are some things you can do to take care of yourself:

  1. Don’t overplan. Less is more. In every aspect of your life.
  2. Drink more water.
  3. Try to stick to a sleep rhythm as much as possible–set an alarm to tell you to go to bed!
  4. Routines help the nervous system. Decide when you want to eat and see what happens if you eat at the same time for a week.
  5. Eat! The nervous system requires fuel to regulate. Foods that you can name where they live and grow will help you.
  6. Flower essences! I’m a big fan of taking Energetic Boundaries as I navigate my way through multiple peoples’ energy fields in a day. This formula helps me strengthen my incredibly sensitive energy boundaries. 
  7. Lastly, take it slow. You’re not missing out. It’s okay to stay home. It’s okay to listen to what your body needs. 

More information about the Energetic Boundaries formula:

One step towards wellness and the true expression of your full self is to know on a cellular level that you are safe to be who you are. Although safety does not come in a bottle, the support of plant and stone eldership does. The Energetic Boundaries formula amplifies the places of strength and safety within you so that you can inhabit yourself with a greater sense of peace and wonder. Yarrow collected on Thunder Butte strengthens your ability to take up your own space so that others won’t. Black Tourmaline is the sweet mineral earth that beckons you back into a relationship with your body. It also clears residual “funk” from other people and places, while wrapping you in protection. Sweet Chestnut Bud helps you tap into your own resiliency as it unearths patterns within your epigenetics that have kept you stuck in repetitive stories of suffering. Garlic flower, used by many indigenous peoples around the world, is all about protection, especially when you feel like your energy is being vamped. Smoky Quartz and Shungite protect you from human-made vibrations that your body cannot resonate with, such as EMFs. The eldership of Centaury flower helps you to articulate clear boundaries. 

Take four oral drops, four or more times a day. Drops can be put into drinking water, baths, or on your skin. 

Handmade with love on Lakota and Chinook lands.