Seer Flower Essence 1oz

Seer Flower Essence is my personal formula that I have used for over 20 years in my private practice as a translator for the spiritual guides.
It is a unique combination of flower essences, gem elixirs, and environmental essences that help me keep a clear and protected connection to the guides. I am making this formula available to you for a limited time. 

This combination includes:

* Yarrow for energetic boundaries and protection.
* Aragonite to help open and close the connection with your guides.
* Peruvian Pepper Tree (Molle) gifted to me by Peruvian healers- this is the grandmother tree essence of protection and guidance.
* Circle of Stones is an environmental essence made in the center of a sacred site used for thousands of years as a place for vision questing. 

Use: Four drops at the beginning of a meditation or spirit guide session. 

Handmade with love 

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